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Welcome Everyone

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We are just getting started and we are looking for finds to put in our banner. If you have finds that you want to show off join our forum and post your find in the Photo Gallery forum. The first eight will go on the banner!

Also Beachhunting.Net Members have access to special features like Private Messaging, Members Only forums and much more.

We are looking forward to having you here.

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Welcome to Beachhunting.Net!

Thousands of great finds await beach hunters at locations like this one in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

Our goal at Beachhunting.Net is to provide to the metal detecting community a format to interact and network with others who share the same enthusiasm for finding jewelry, coins and relics that can be discovered on beaches of all types all over the world.

The locating and recovery of these lost items is a great hobby for anyone who is willing to network with experienced hunters and take the time to learn how to use a metal detector, research potential hunting sites, obtain the proper permissions and to go out and do the searching.

Register at Beachhunting.Net today and join in on the fun! Our new INTERACTIVE website is designed to give you the best available metal detecting community experience on the Internet.

Whether you are a seasoned beach hunter or simply have an interest in metal detecting, Beachhunting.Net is for you!

Register today!


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